Port Hercules – Monte Carlo. Luxury & History

Situated in the district of La Condamine in Monte Carlo, Port Hercules stands as the primary port in the city-state of Monaco. Renowned worldwide, it is a favored spot for opulent yachts and holds a significant place in the tourism industry.

With a capacity exceeding 700 berths, Port Hercules accommodates boats ranging from 6 to 100 meters in size, boasting a maximum draft of 10 meters. The port is well-equipped with comprehensive facilities and services, making it an attractive choice for luxury yachts and other sizable vessels.

Beyond its practicality, Port Hercules serves as a prominent tourist attraction, offering breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding hills. Its close proximity to notable landmarks like the Monte Carlo Casino, the Opera House, and the Prince’s Palace further adds to its allure. Dating back to ancient times, the port has a rich history as a harbor for Greek and Roman ships, playing a pivotal role in Monaco’s economic and cultural development throughout the centuries.

Port Hercules exudes glamour, drawing in the affluent and famous, including wealthy yacht owners, celebrities, and high-profile individuals. Its luxurious amenities and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea make it a sought-after destination for the global elite.

As a vital component of Monaco’s economy and culture, Port Hercules acts as a hub for the thriving tourism industry and serves as a gateway to the world for the country’s affluent residents and visitors.